Trump just showed off his ‘Game of Thrones’ poster in a cabinet meeting. But he missed one key detail.


Keep in mind that dark as hell Game of Thrones-themed poster Donald Trump tweeted in November to reveal his plans to impose sanctions against Iran? Well, it’s back.

On Wednesday morning a big hard copy of the poster was found in the White House, slap dab in the center of the Cabinet Room’s table as Trump and participants of his management held a meeting.

When Trump initially tweeted the picture of himself with words “SANCTIONS ARE COMING” in the HBO program’s best typeface, he received a great deal of reaction from baffled Americans, including Game of Thrones celebrities Sophie Turner and also Maisie Williams.

So when a physical duplicate of the poster was visible in today’s Cabinet meeting, people were understandably puzzled.

Some taken into consideration the reality that Trump might have placed the poster there to enhance his argument for a wall surface, nonetheless, they after that noted that his logic is essentially disproven by the show.

And Alex Wind as well as Cameron Kasky, two March For Our Lives activists, contrasted the unpleasant display screen to Gaston, the conceited villain in Appeal as well as the Monster.

According to Kathryn Watson, White Residence press reporter for CBS Information, no one in the conference seems to recognize without a doubt why the poster is there.

Enjoyable to begin the year off with some burning questions, isn’t it?

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