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The LG V40 – V for Very good or Very expensive?


LG’s V40 comes at a time when LG urgently needs a clear stage. after the V30, V35, and G7 all stumbled out the gate with unpardonable flaws and half-baked options, LG has gone back to the well with the V40. And wouldn’t you recognize it, LG’s finally got it right. With the changes to the screen, camera, and design, the V40 fixes early each drawback I had with its predecessors.

Whether that interprets into sturdy sales or any reasonably sustained success remains to be seen, however, the V40 could be a phone which will get up to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Pixel 3 XL, and even the iPhone XS max. The Penta-camera system you have heard of offers it an enormous boost over the G7 without introducing too several gimmicks, and therefore the OLED display may be a large leap over the V30’s screen.

In fact, it’s laborious to think about too many ways that LG may improve upon the V40. barring an in-display fingerprint detector or a folding screen, LG has turned tiny enhancements into a giant modification. The V40 may well be the sleeper hit of the competitive fall October field. If only it did not price at $900.

A bigger and brighter screen

To look at the V40, it is simple to mistake it for a G7 at first or maybe second look. however, place them next to each other alternative and therefore the differences are clear. The V40’s screen is sort of a touch larger at 6.4 inches versus 6.1 inches on the G7, therefore the frame is, of course, larger all around at 158.8 x 75.7 mm versus 53.2 x 71.9 mm on the G7.

But the V40 does not feel abundantly larger for 2 reasons. One is the thickness. At 7.6 mm, it’s really 0.3 millimeters thinner than the G7. And despite a considerably larger screen, it’s solely seven grams heavier at 169 grams. The Galaxy Note 9, that has the identical 6.4-inch screen and glass body, weighs over thirty grams more. that creates a giant distinction once you are carrying and employing a phone for hours on end.

The V40 retains the notch that such a lot of folks hate, however just like the G7, you’ll be able to hide it behind a black standing bar if you like. as a result of the V40 has an OLED screen, the result is even higher here.

LG conjointly managed to trim dimensions in alternative ways. The bezels square measure a bit thinner than the G7’s. The unsymmetrical chin and forehead that the V40 has (and all alternative notched android phones have) square measure slimmer than most. The corners and therefore the edges of the glass adhere to the V line’s curvier aesthetic, a small distinction to the boxier G7.

The back is equally marginal, with 3 horizontally aligned cameras and a fingerprint detector, and a selection of 2 colors: black and blue. they are fine, however I missed the silver choice of previous handsets. I most likely would not have detected the “sand blasted” glass had LG not pointed it out, however it’s sure plenty less reflective than on alternative phones and feels slightly less slippery to the touch.

The front of the phone is all regarding the show, and it’d be the most effective LG’s ever place in a phone. I’ve continuously been affected with LG’s LCDs, however the V30’s OLED left much to be desired, most in order that LG switched back to digital display for the G7. The distinction between my V30 and therefore the V40 is night and day. The latter delivers bright, vivid, wealthy colours with deep blacks. None of the band problems I intimate with the V30 are gift here, and i noticed solely the slightest of blue shifts, that i was ready to eliminate via LG’s wonderful color settings. Even the always-on show is crisper and brighter. If it’s true that LG will be provisioning Apple with some displays for the iPhone XS, Samsung may wish to begin worrying.

Fast and durable

On the inside, the V40 more closely resembles the G7. The specs are identical once it comes to the processor (Snapdragon 845), RAM (6GB), and storage (64GB), areas that LG confessedly hasn’t centered on with the V40. meaning you get a snapdragon 845, 6GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage on the $900 base model. conjointly noteworthy is that the 32-bit Quad DAC headphone jack, a dying specification on alternative high-end phones.

While i’d love for LG to dump its ux OS in favor of android One, performance is not a problem on the V40. I really found it to be slightly snappier than the G7. that would be my imagination, an OLED illusion, or the results of higher optimisation with the new android 8.1-based version. whether or not your mileage varies, the underside line is that the V40 is as quick as any android phone I’ve used.

Battery life is stellar furthermore. whereas it is not quite as sturdy as the 4,000mAh Note 9 or maybe the 3,500mAh Galaxy S9+, the V40 makes the foremost of its 3,300mAh battery, simply powering through a full day. i could not get a correct benchmark rating thanks to compatibility problems with PCMark’s software, however real-world results were quite good. On some days it even gave those phones a run for their cash. you may chalk it up to the standard year-over-year enhancements, however it conjointly speaks to LG’s focus with the V40. With the identical battery capability as the V30, LG has managed to squeeze perceptibly additional life with the V40, and it runs circles round the G7.

Triple-acting camera

Even with broad enhancements, the V40 would not be worthy of accolades without two tiny additions: an additional camera on the front and an additional camera on the rear, for five total. it is not simply the most effective system LG has ever created, it’s additional fun and higher equipped than nearly each smartphone camera I’ve ever used.

There could also be alternative phones that take better photos than the V40—like the P20 pro, Galaxy Note 9, or iPhone XS—but the V40 is no slouch. The photos I took were crisp, vivid, and well-saturated. because of the Super Bright Camera, it’s ready to capture low-light shots like no other. LG still has some work to do with reducing the noise, however the results in near-darkness are nothing short of spectacular, most in order that I needed to show it off after I wanted to preserve the mood.

In optimum lighting, it’s laborious to seek out much fault with the V40. whether or not shooting a regular, zoomed, or wide-angle shot, landscapes and portraits rivaled those taken by the thousand-dollar Note 9, and that i was ready to get additional selection in my shots because of the three cameras. At a tap, the V40 allows you to switch among the quality, zoom, and wide-angle lens, or take an attempt using all three in fast succession. it is the reasonably feature that has gotten lost within the race for higher and higher DxOMark scores. I appreciate LG’s efforts to consider the full package, not simply exposure quality.

Because it is a ThinQ phone, LG’s AI Cam is at work once more, however it’s immensely improved over the previous incarnations. For one, the silly words that flew across the screen are gone, creating the system look rather more subtle. It’s quicker furthermore, tho’ it still takes a second or two longer than the Mate 20 or Note 9, that is an eternity once it involves photography. I had many instances wherever it guessed wrong or not in the least. At some purpose, I reckon LG is simply going to scrap the full system, but currently you’ll be able to simply leave it off.

Around the front, you also get wide-angle selfies, true portrait mode, and iPhone XS-style lighting modes. I did not love the lighting effects, however portraits are immensely improved over the G7’s. there is conjointly a brand new feature named Cine Shot that allows you to produce 3-second cinemagraphs right within the camera app. the method is easy, however it’s in all probability a feature the majority can use once or twice and forget about.

But folks will not be shopping for the V40 for Cine Shot or maybe the twin selfie cameras. they will be shopping for it for the triple-camera system, and they will be pleased with it. i have never had this abundant fun with a camera in a while, and anyone who tries it out can have a tough time going back to the rest.

Should you purchase an LG V40 ThinQ?

Price unseen, the V40 is one amongst the most effective phones of the year from LG or anyone else. However, it comes within the midst of a month or more and stiffer competition, and there is a good chance that the V40 is yet again left on shelves as folks go for the pixel 3, Note 9, OnePlus 6T, Huawei Mate 30, iPhone XR, etc.

The reason is the worth. The V40 starts at $900 and goes up from there looking on your carrier, therefore barring a BOGO deal or another discount, it’s laborious to advocate it. Verizon’s inflated $980 value for 64GB of storage makes it one amongst the foremost expensive phones you’ll be able to purchase, simply $20 off the Note 9 and iPhone XS. LG’s record of software updates (or lack thereof) does not specifically instill confidence that it will be obtaining android 9.0 Pie anytime soon, either.

So whereas the V40 is LG’s best phone in a while, you will likely wish to carry off till the worth drops to a additional affordable $750 or $800, at least till the remainder of the October handsets arrive, and therefore the vacation discounts shortly afterwards. LG fans who do attempt to pre-order one once they open up on october 12 will not be disappointed—and LG is bundling some goodies to melt the blow—but I reckon they will be much happier if they look forward to a better deal.

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