These ‘raining’ spiders look freaky, but that’s just their huge web


Rain is annoying enough when it’s not seemingly made of spiders

So save an idea for those who needed to keep an eye on a group of arachnids that seemed raining down over country Brazil, many thanks to hot as well as humid weather.

João Pedro Martinelli Fonseca, who recorded a video clip of the occasion, told a local paper Terro Do Mandu (according to a translation from The Guardian) that he was taking a trip to his grandparents’ ranch north east of São Paulo, when he noticed black dots overhead.

Fonseca claimed he was “shocked and frightened,” in particular when a spider fell through the window.

Turns out, though, it’s even more of an illusion. The types, parawixia bistriata, is a rare crawler which develops nets so fine that they are near impossible to see with the human eye.

Adalberto dos Santos, a biology professor at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, told the paper that the spiders nest in a round in the vegetation during the day, then appear at night to develop a huge net linked to bushes and also trees.

The net can come up to four metres broad and three metres (4.37 yards as well as 3.28 yards) thick.

There’s nothing to worry about, nevertheless: The poison of these spiders are safe, and the net actually helps to maintain flies as well as insects in check, as they delight in them at dawn.

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