The 2 week of Fortnite event proceeds with another obstacle for players to compete. For Day 9, you’ll need to dance under nine Xmas trees scattered throughout the map to obtain the snowglobe banner benefit. This obstacle is relatively very easy contrast to a few of the others, so make certain you don’t lose out on this challenge.

The other day, gamers were incapable to earn the “Take the Elf” dramatize for finishing the Day 8 challenge. The insect that maintained the item from appearing in some gamers’ lockers has actually not influenced today’s gift.

There are 13 Xmas trees cluttered throughout the Fortnite map. Bear in mind that you do need to do a full dance emote under the festive tree, or it will certainly not sign up in the Obstacle screen. Right here are every one of them and also a picture of the map showing where all the trees are. Salty Springs:

Xmas tree locations

Happy Hamlet

Lucky Landing

Paradise Palms

Lonely Lodge

Pleasant Park 

Dusty Divot

Tilted Towers

Viking Ship

Lazy Links

Frosty Flights

Retail Row

There are still five even more days of difficulties left, which including thanking the bus vehicle driver and also utilizing tools in Innovative setting.

Have you finished this Xmas tree obstacle yet?

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