Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort Was Pressured by Former Russian Spy Over His Debts in 2016: Time


An ex-Russian spy put pressure on former Trump project manager Paul Manafort throughout the 2016 project on behalf of an oligarch to whom he owed “a lot of loans,” TIME said in a special report. Victor Boyarkin, who was just recently placed on a U.S. sanctions list, is thought about a former Russian intelligence operative who apparently managed loan and negotiations “on behalf of an effective Russian oligarch,” billionaire Oleg Deripaska.

Manafort stands accused in the U.S. of being “deeply indebted” to Deripaska, who wanted cash from a botched organization deal in Ukraine, per TIME. Boyarkin stated in an exclusive TIME interview that he communicated with Manafort during the governmental race on Deripaska’s behalf.

“He owed us a great deal of money,” Boyarkin supposedly said. “And he was offering methods to pay it back.” In spring and summer 2016, Manafort presumably attempted offering Deripaska “personal briefings” on the governmental contest in order to “get a hole,” according to previous reports in the Washington Post and The Atlantic. Boyarkin informed the magazine that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office contacted him in its investigation into possible collusion in between Russia and Trump’s project.

“I told them to go dig a ditch,” he recalled stating. Sources informed TIME that Boykin’s possible take advantage of over Manafort might describe why Trump’s one-time consultant weighed going back to work for pro-Russian interests after leaving the project in August 2016.

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