Director of ‘A League of Their Own’ and TV’s ‘Laverne,’ Penny Marshall, dies at age 75


Even without “Laverne & Shirley,” Penny Marshall– who passed away Monday at 75 of complications from diabetes mellitus, family members spokesperson Michelle Bega verified– would count as Hollywood aristocracy. She was the sis of late TELEVISION magnate Garry Marshall and also the ex-wife of Rob Reiner, which ties her to 2 fantastic comedy traditions.

A lot more importantly, on her own, she turned into one of the most effective lady movie supervisors of perpetuity, with hits such as “Big,” “Awakenings” as well as “A League of Their Own” to her credit.

Yet for numerous Americans, she continues to be Laverne DeFazio, the gravel-voiced, gangly Milwaukee brewery worker with the hard act, soft heart as well as the large “L” on her sweater. Quickly irritated and quickly harmed, Laverne was the extra realistic realist to Shirley Feeney’s (Cindy Williams) boo-boo-kitty-loving idealist. They were vastly various yet shared the same dream in their 1950s-set blue-collar sitcom: to discover true love and an escape of that cellar home.

She appeared on screen just rarely in recent years, including a quick function in CBS’ short-lived 2016 remake of “The Odd Pair.”

But as great as her movie job might have been, for much of us, she’ll always be jumping down that Milwaukee road, arm in arm with Shirley chanting “Schlemiel, schlimazel, hasenpfeffer integrated.”

In our dreams, if no place else.

Marshall is made it through by her older sis Ronny, daughter Tracy Reiner as well as 3 grandchildren, Spencer, Bella, and Viva. A memorial will be set up later.

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