Avengers: Endgame


The Avengers: Endgame trailer has been out for three Earth days, and also it has actually already broken YouTube records. And also after numerous views in an issue of hrs, some fans have actually begun assembling several of the clues in this trailer to create some rather compelling theories.

So, we’ve currently talked about Captain America’s hair and style options, but what concerning that challenging final shot of the trailer, which shows Scott Lang, that got shed in the Quantum World when the Thanos Snap happened?


The last seconds of the trailer show Ant-Man pulling up to the Avengers HQ in his old van which contains the device he used to travel to the Quantum World. Captain America and Black Widow are viewing protection video of Lang chewing out the security video camera advising them who he is.

“Is this an old message?” Cap asks.

“That’s the front door,” Black Widow reacts.

The trailer implies that Cap is asking if this is an old message because Lang is thought to have actually passed away in the Thanos Break. But what happens if the video footage is, in fact, old because Lang took a trip right into the past?

As we know, the Quantum World opens a number of possibilities for time travel, which has actually introduced one of one of the most preferred fan concepts about exactly how Avengers: Endgame might go into the past to reverse the Thanos Break.

One fan concept video points out that the leading left corner indicates that Scott Lang yelling into the safety and security electronic camera is in fact archived video from 1983. The front door of the Avengers HQ additionally looks disordered and different from how it searches in present time.

So, if Lang utilized the Quantum World to travel right into the past, how ‘d he get his van as well as the device right into the past, when those were left behind when he took a trip throughout the post-credit scene of Ant-Man and The Wasp? As this fan concept notes, it’s possible that he ends up taking a trip to the future, where he discovers the van, locates his child (currently a grown-up scientist), who aids him utilize the maker to send it back into the past. Yet he overshoots his mark, and he attempts to locate participants of S.H.I.E.L.D– or perhaps Howard Stark, who was alive at the time as well as played by John Slattery, that has supposedly been seen on collection– to help him reach the correct time.

Or maybe that’s one jump of many into the past prior to Lang gets it right. If we intend to try to combine this theory with the Captain America hair concept, it’s possible that Black Widow and also Cap discover this archived video throughout the occasions of Captain America: The Wintertime Soldier.

Obviously, the Russo siblings have actually been understood to place misdirection into trailers, and we might not know anything till the film is in fact out on Might 27.

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