A dead raccoon brought into a McDonald’s by a man


Ok, you might want to take a seat for this one. It may contain explicit language.

You believe 2019 has, until now ended up being such a bore, completely eaten by the partial federal government shutdown? Well collect round, children, we have an excellent ol’- fashioned crazy-ass-wtf-oh-no-he-didn’ t pet story!

First things first: This story includes a very dead, lately killed raccoon, the carcass of which was carried right into a McDonald’s in San Francisco by a person who may have a mental disorder.

That claimed, it’s most definitely not something you see every day and there’s a lot going on here.

The occurrence occurred when a male brought the carcass inside the McDonald’s on Potrero Opportunity and also 16th Street very early Sunday morning, motivating a foreseeable freakout as well as forcing the dining establishment to momentarily close for hygiene efforts. As well as with blood still dripping from the raccoon’s injuries, it was likely an extremely intense one.

The guy that brought the raccoon inside was spoken with by cops, who apparently said he did not satisfy the criteria for psychiatric detention, which normally hinges on whether an individual presents a danger to themselves or others.

So the raccoon was gotten rid of (by a customer), the dining establishment was rubbed clean and accepted to resume by public health officials, the man evidently took place his method, as well as the trash panda wound up in … the garbage. HOLE.

BUT, my close friends, the tale does not end there. As a matter of fact, there is a lot more to share. Due to the fact that we reside in the terrific age of mobile phones, social media sites, and also livestreaming, you better think someone recorded this entire mess on video clip.

Chris Brooks came across the bloody scene and also, well, what transpires is virtually 7 mins of several of the most invigorating on-scene commentary up until now recorded in 2019.

Brooks did not instantly react to an ask for remark. However in the video, he states he was simply stopping by to obtain morning meal prior to job, and, well, “Consider this bullshit!”

He goes on: “Well I did seen it all. Someone requires to call 911 on this dumbass. He gon na bring a dead-ass motherfucker raccoon and put him on the table.”

In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Brooks claimed the male originally got in the dining establishment and also involved the counter requesting for help. Of the dead-ass raccoon, Brooks included, “I thought it was a pet dog in the beginning.”

When staff members told the man to leave, however, he took a seat and put the carcass on the table. There’s no word on exactly how the raccoon died.

As well as there you have it. Many thanks for beginning this journey.

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